Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My night of TV

Im happy to say that the Houston Rockets beat Utah Jazz tonight! Being that Im a proud houstonian I get so excited when our teams do great hopefully they wont let me down like they did last year.

Now I hate to admit how addicted I am to reality television I watch as much of it as I can weekly. Tonight was no different I sat my ass up and watched College Hill in between watching the game and Im sad to say that I wont be tuning in anymore! A certain male on the show totally lacks respect for women and his elders. It was a sad thing to sit through. I want to know when and where are we taught these things?Home? I already know he'll just say it was edited that way. Most people I know think that they use a script anyway! I believe that to be true sometimes myself, but I know I wont be watching the questionable BET programming anymore I was so disgusted!!!


Im having a hair crisis right now! About a month ago I decided to get a weave and unfortunately the stylist decided to glue the weave on top of my real hair so as a result of her negligence I got this big ass plug.
So after a painful weeks of thinking my hair wont grow and trying every hair growth system I could get my hands on I finally have hair coming in!! But my question is what can I do in transistion? Im wearing my natural curls right now but I feel like a kid! I cant straighten it because of the texas heat so what are my options? I refuse to wear a wig because I have a phobia of it getting caught on something and coming off!
I feel like calling Dr. Miracles