Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Makeup Remover for the Lazy Woman

Sometime when I go out and don't feel like washing off my makeup instead of keeping it on to get a zit I use these soft Neutrogena towelettes! They even magically remove waterproof mascara and you can forget about an oily residue! I even use them before I cleanse my face at night to make sure all the makeup is gone. Price 5.99

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Need Cooling Off?

I'm always looking for things that don't contain dairy because my son cant eat it. He wants to be like every other kid and have ice cream!! Yesterday I found this Italian ice at walmart and I just let him try it and he loves it! With 12o calories a serving I love it too!


I had never tried any Burt's Bees products before but I'm glad that I picked up this little kit on impulse at Borders Books of all places. The healthy glow part caught my eye, and for the price of 11.99 I said why not!

Mini Exfoliating Body Bar
(.80 oz.) - Haven't used this yet!
Exfoliating Body Wash (1 fl. oz.) -Smells divine!
Mini Body Lotion (.50 fl. oz.) - It leaves your skin shimmery after use
Day Creme (.25 oz.)- I use this after I cleanse my face in the morning and its really creamy and moisturizing.
Night Creme (.25 oz.) - I didn't think I had a need for this because I have a nightly regime but I tried it anyway. I don't know if it will replace my night cream but I will use it from time to time.
Eye Creme (packette) (.067 oz.) - Now I'm 27yrs old and I don't have wrinkles so I don't see the need for eye cream at this time. I do however have small lines where the skin is tender under the eyes along with hereditary dark circles. So after about a week I realised that the lines were minimized and my eyes seemed brighter.
Full Size Lip Shimmer (.0975 oz.)- Just regular old Lip Balm :)!
Now let me remind you that everything here is trial size!