Thursday, August 7, 2008

My Good Deed

It is sooooo hot inTexas! I decided that I would do a good deed today after I saw the lady in the mail truck with no a/c jamming her boom box and talking with her bluetooth sweating her perm out! I asked her if she needed some ice water and she surely did! It should be against the law to have those people deliver mail in those conditions!!!!


misschriss said...

Girl I live in Texas tooo. It is too freaking hot!! Thats why I do not go outside lol. Nice blog.

crys said...

miss pretty - girl when i saw this i thought it was a joke! that is what my friends call me sometimes and they even refer to me and my 'friend' as 'the pretties'
LOL! girllllllllll don't even start me to thinking about the heat - goodness. i said good morning to my neighbor this morning, and all he said was 'HOT!'

crys said...

ok, i added you to my blog list. not that that matters AT ALL because no one reads my blog - but you never know :-)

you don't mind do you?

Fluff The Artist said...

God will bless you, sister. :D