Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Whats your skin like?

I always get compliments on my skin (even with no makeup) from strangers and Im always flattered by it. So I often wonder how long will my complexion be this way.
Do you know the saying just look at your mother? My mom is In her 40's and her skin is flawless!! She doesn't really wear make up other than lipglass and/or eyeshadow. Now that I have an active twitter account I've been talking to my beautiful blogging sisters everyday and one of my favorites the creator of "luxetips" gave me some knowledge. She let me know that its best to start taking care of my skin while im in my 20's!!!! She suggested that I try Lumene Beauty Drops. They are these little capsules that contain vitamin C.

Im so AMAZED by this product for several reasons but Ill only share a few. My face is so much softer and My skin just looks brighter. My man even said I looked Radiant. My main concern was I had no wrinkles and I didn't want to get any by using anti-aging products. But this is perfect if you just want a softer and brighter look then this is for you. For 22.00 at CVS you cant go wrong!