Monday, March 29, 2010

Diet Fad: Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Pills

Okay I can't lie I have tried almost every diet pill out there and I know that I will try more as they become available. So I decided to write a few posts about the things that I've tried and the things that worked (or not) for me.
I will start with the Apple Cider Vinegar diet.

I was introduced to this diet by my beautician who I noticed was just melting pounds away. Every week that I went she was noticeably smaller!! So me always on the hunt to shed vanity weight asked her the secret! So she told me about the pills. I went out to Walmart and picked some up. You get 90 tablets in the jar which seemed like a lot but considering the fact that you take 3 a day (one after each meal)it didn't stretch very far. They come with a food menu that you need 16 eyes to see because the writing is so small. I just stared taking them and didn't really change what I ate. I made sure to drink plenty of water though. After about the first week I did notice that My stomach was flatter and also that I was going to the restroom A LOT!!! They do work I don't know about the claim of increasing metabolism but they work. The only thing I couldn't stand was the awful vinegar smell! It seemed that I had vinegar coming out of my pores and that wasn't cool at all! So if you can stand smelling bitter then this is the choice for you. I never finished the bottle.