Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Random Life Facts

I have noticed that im really a grown up. Being mommy, daughter, sister, best friend, lover, and a woman is really serious business! i had to sit down and evaluate what really makes me happy.

1. A GOOD book! There is nothing like me putting myself into someone elses drama!

2. Hot steamy bubble bath! ENOUGH SAID.....

3. A nice glass of wine. I love white wine! Any brand will do.

4. Pink eye shadow. I love pink eye shadow! i hardly wear any other color im talking all shades of pink. it just makes me smile :)

5. My neck roll pillow! I MUST have it every night or i cant sleep!

6. My Snuggie! Dont judge me! lol

7. A pedicure. I will never walk around with my toes looking jacked up or rub against my honey with rough sand paper heels. I swear by my Ped Egg. If you dont have one you should!

8. My Mango Colada Body Whip. This stuff seriously transformed my skin from head to toe and the sugar scrub is divine!

9. Pretty Socks. i love socks i always pick them up from the dollar store (they have the cutest) or Walmart.

10. A good cry! I just feel so much better after a good cry!