Monday, June 23, 2008

So Sad

Since fathers day I've been keeping up with this story of two missing children. I watched as all these people gathered together to look for them and how the father seemed crazy as hell but the sad news came yesterday when I heard that this man led the police to the burned bodies of his damn kids! My feelings are so hurt because children are so innocent and he let these people look for those children with hopes of finding them alive and he knew all along what he had done!

Here is the story that I found on

HOUSTON -- A man who led police to the charred remains of his two children has been charged with capital murder.
Harris County District Attorney Ken Magidson said Monday that Randy Sylvester Sr. has been held in the county jail without bond since he was arrested Tuesday. Pasadena police say Sylvester assaulted the mother of the children. Now he is charged with killing the children.
No decision has been made on whether to pursue the death penalty.
Police found the remains of 7-year-old Randy Sylvester Jr. and his 3-year-old sister Denim Sylvester packed in a wooden chest and a suitcase and left in a wooded area in southeastern

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Hair

All year I go through so many hair changes! I go from braids to weaves and for the summer I like to keep it simple! Since I have naturally curly hair I just set my hair on these rods and let it air dry and keep it oiled up and I'm good to go!

What do you with your hair for the summer?

Monday, June 9, 2008


Out sick with Strep throat!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Shopping fun part 2

While visiting the mall i decided to visit the MAC counter to play around before I talk about my purchase let me speak on the uniform for the employees! I'm talking about thigh high boots mini skirts, corsets and body jewelry!!! I loved every minute of it, besides being scared that a boob would pop out I thought they were very edgy and ready for the club. That actually made me wanna buy make up because they looked so FUN! Any way I got the plush glass in plus lux and also the Solar Field Bronzing Powder in Solar Riche. The plush glass really gives me that sexy as hell look with a little bit of shine and color! The bronzing powder gives me that kissed by the sun look. I'll post some pictures after I beat my face today!!!

Shopping Fun!!!

This weekend was so much fun! I went shopping! I got these sandals from Macy's for 80 bucks! I have big plans for these babies!