Thursday, May 22, 2008


I'm so sick of seeing young men and women making the decision to kill or rape someone! I'm addicted to crime shows like CSI but my weakness is the real deal like the first 48. I'm noticing a that even with the morning news I turn it in and hear about something that happened and I'm praying that its not someone I know or someone my color. It makes me angry because we have so many opportunities I just wish we would listen or just pay attention to the bigger picture! Don't leave your kids out here to figure out which way to go on with no guidance!!

Most of the time we don't really know whats going on unless it directly affects us but there is a mean world out there and its getting worse! In my neighborhood last week a 19 yr old guy started at fire at what he thought was his rival's house and ended up killing someones grandmother! This mornings news informed me of another youth shooting a police officer. I mean damn go sit your ass down somewhere.


Beautyful Habit said...

Hey lady I agree with you in full I realized last year when my good friend was killed that it is time for young guys to stop playing around and get back to reality! it is almost like they live in a world all their own until death or tragedy comes knowcking at their doors, its horrible!