Thursday, May 1, 2008

Shopping Blues

Why is it so damn hot outside? Texas weather is a mess! I feel like I'm baking every time I leave out of the door but I'm blessed to see another day.

Ive been starving myself from shopping and since I'm going through withdrawals why not talk about it?

Its one of my favorite things to do but its also something that I tend to do too much of. Impulse buying is the worst thing for me. I always see something and in that moment I think "this shirt would go good with _____" but when I get home I realize that I already have 2 or more tops that are similar to that. I'm realizing that I clearance shop like a mad woman its all good until I run out of closet space, I mean if something is marked down from $100 to $60 does that mean I cant pass it up? I especially love Old Navy because they have things that are $3 every week.

My point is shopping is a habit not a bad one but a habit. I'm finding myself with pieces of clothing that I really don't need but I was convinced I needed it at the time of purchase. Then I'm always complaining that I have nothing to wear. Its so sad I know!

How do you feel about STEVE MADDEN shoes? Are they considered knock offs?


M.B. McClendon said...

I'm a big fan of Old Navy, too, though I've not been there in a while. It's hard to break the shopping bug, and when things are remarkably marked down (!) it makes it even harder! But. You know what I think? I think we think we never have anything to wear because we have too much --- just too many choices! I'm convinced of this. The closets are small in our house, and I've often said that small closets keep me honest. I can't buy 10 million hats or pairs of shoes, because they just won't fit. And we've used up the space in the guest room closet too! So. If I buy something new, I tell myself, "Something HAS to go!" If I buy two new things, two more old things have to go. It helps with accumulation, I think. Also, if I've not worn something in a year or more, off to the Salvation Army or GoodWill it goes. It can be doing somebody else a whole lot more good!:)


Beautyful Habit said...

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Eb the Celeb said...

I own one pair of Steven Maddens and they are to die for... I dont go in there a lot... dont really find shoes in there that call my name... but my roommmate lives in there... I dont think they are knock off at all... I think its all about your style and your financial means...