Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Internet

  • They say the Internet is the information highway and I totally agree! Its so easy to go online and find whatever you need, but it can get addictive. There has been so many times that I have been so busy and only wanted to get online to check my email and it turned into me sitting in front of the computer for a hour. So my question is: Whats worse the Internet or television?
  • While thinking about the Internet I thought about friends! Is it being naive to think that you can meet really good friends online? I'm very trusting at times especially towards females because I don't have very many female friends, but since becoming Internet savvy I have met a few people online (HELLO MY FAIRY BLOG MOTHER). I even reconnected with my good friend and classmate on myspace! I guess I'm asking: Can real friendships be started online?


Anonymous said...

If it's strictly platonic and a truly genuine friendship then I dont see anything wrong with that. Just as long as you have an open minded mate or spouse that will not get jealous because that will open up a completly different can of worms.

Beautyful Habit said...

Well I am indeed happy to say that you are my new found online friend!!! I don't have many female friends either, but your kindness and welcoming conversations are something worth being apart of! We live in the same city, + we have a mutual friend, your my friend MISS PRETTY and I am loving every minute of it!!!

yummy411 said...

ooh good one anon!

internet is def worse than tv. tv has set programming, the internet you can click away to infinity! i know you can change the channels on tv, but the internet is a different beast.

can you make real friends? yeh i think so.
=) have a great weekend!